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Acne Treatment with Isolaz - by Dr. Dora Cawley

Isolaz Laser Acne Treatment Mineral Wells, Tx

Acne Hasn’t Changed, But How We Treat it Has

Through technological innovation, Isolaz therapy can effectively treat acne without lifestyle changes, oral prescriptions or a regimen of skincare products. Treatment takes place in a our office and is performed by Dr. Dora Cawley, giving you quick and long-lasting acne clearance.

Clinically Proven Acne Clearance

Clinical studies by leading dermatologists have proven the effectiveness of Isolaz to treat acne.

  • Immediate results within 24–48 hours, including reduced redness, clearing of
  • skin discoloration and immediate drying/ flattening of the blemish.
  • Significant decrease in number of acne lesions (spots, pimples, pustules) and
    a decrease in the amount of oil production.

Successful on All Skin Types

Isolaz treatment targets deep into the pores and is FDA cleared for use on all skin types (light or dark). It is safe, reliable and effective as a standalone acne therapy or as a complementary treatment to other acne regimens (please consult your Isolaz treatment provider). Isolaz can even jump-start a topical treatment regimen by helping your skin absorb skincare products better.

Successful on Non-Responders to Other Acne Treatments

Isolaz treatment has been proven to reduce lesions by over 75% within 2 months for patients who have not responded to antibiotics, topical products or lasers.

Fast Treatments

Isolaz treatments often take only 15 to 30 minutes! You can jump back into your life immediately after treatment with little to no downtime.


In a published clinical study, 100% of patients noted Isolaz treatments were painless.

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